Late 19th century view of Flower House on original siteThe home of 19th century artist Anthony Flower and his family, and a rare example of early 19th century rural architecture, the 1818 house and Flower's art serve as a touchstone to the past that documents a family, community and province in a period for which we have few visual or written representations. Anthony Flower is a rare, unique and prolific artistic cultural icon of national importance. His home tells the story of early 19th century New Brunswick to national and international audiences Flower House with exterior restoration complete, 2007through a multi-faceted individual an artist, a farmer, a father, an immigrant, a community leader. Overall, the project provides sense of place and community identity across a range of interests and illustrates excellence and the cosmopolitan world view of 19th century New Brunswick. In addition, our long experience in restoration and historic site management indicates that the completed house and associated interpretive programs will serve as an economic engine for community growth and sustainability and is quite simply a perfect match for our aims and objectives as a heritage organization.

Anthony Flower House, Official Opening, courtesy of Fred DonnellyThe restored house preserves the dwelling, art and artifacts of the Flower Family. It interprets the story of Anthony Flower and his art, family and community through lively interpretive tours and events. The grounds and site will be developed for multi-purpose environmental and rural industry interpretation. In addition to highlighting Flower, the site showcases the vibrant art and culture of historical and contemporary New Brunswick through educational demonstrations, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, talks and youth programs. Collaboration with other community groups such as the municipality, local school and preservation/environmental groups and the New Brunswick Museum, has already enhanced the visibility of the site and community.

This virtual exhibition presents the life and work of Anthony Flower by examining his family, showcasing an online gallery of artwork from the museum collection, and to highlight and document the restoration project.

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